Confined traces

In this island of a very large building stock inherited by the Italian Occupation, the then Ministry of Hygiene found a way to “solve” the overcrowding in Greece’s public psychiatric hospitals.

The weaver

In the Cretan villages situated on the base of the Asterousia Mountains, many young women and girls take up the yarn in their hands again and weave.

The Evros Delta

The significance of the Evros Delta to many rare birds is the reason for which I visit this place at least once a month over the past two years.

Greek coffee houses

The coffee house is the space where a man reports his presence in the men’s society. He goes to the coffee house to see and to be seen, to listen and to be heard.

Ouzo stories

The first pot still functioned in 1901 in D.Makri Street, at the old fish market, and it was placed inside the family shop.


Messolonghi is a humid town sinking into itself. It evokes the American South and emanates the ambience of a place of exile where one withdraws to the wooden residencies so as to leisurely immerse into themselves.


Leros forms a sensuous map with alleys and passages between places first seen and places nesting in memory.


With the help of Aris Lazaris, postcard collector, we travel through the world of the postal card, a world connecting the past to the present, the image to its recollection, the customs and traditions of a place to the stories written on the back.

Aegean fishermen

Aegean fishermen are born and bred at sea -their agony and joy as they call it- and so attached to it that sea water seems to be running through their veins.


Caravan Project travelled to Idomeni, the main gate through which the refugees continue their journey from Greece to northern Europe and encountered Roaa, a Syrian-Palestinian young girl.

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