Timeless life

One of the less populated islands of Greece is Arki, counting just 40 residents. There resides Pandelides family, a family of farmers looking after their animals.

Confined traces

In this island of a very large building stock inherited by the Italian Occupation, the then Ministry of Hygiene found a way to “solve” the overcrowding in Greece’s public psychiatric hospitals.


Messolonghi is a humid town sinking into itself. It evokes the American South and emanates the ambience of a place of exile where one withdraws to the wooden residencies so as to leisurely immerse into themselves.


Leros forms a sensuous map with alleys and passages between places first seen and places nesting in memory.

Aegean fishermen

Aegean fishermen are born and bred at sea -their agony and joy as they call it- and so attached to it that sea water seems to be running through their veins.