Dark Vein

Caravan Project explored the Balkan landscape of Western Macedonia in Greece, Bitola and its surroundings in North Macedonia, as well as Novi Sad and the Danube River in Serbia; and recorded this exploration by creating a photo book, and a short creative documentary titled “Dark Vein”.


The volunteer team of the sailing boat “Okeanos” for a whole month of January 2016 was realizing rescue efforts near Chios island, in order to rescue and help as much as refugees as possible

Blind fisherman

We follow the life of Yannis Koukoumialos who, although having lost his sight and his arm, fishes in the open sea for the past 70 years of his life.

Sculpting the land

Alexandros Zygouris is a sculptor who lives in Kastellorizo for the past 35 years of his life. To him, sculpture is subtracting the unnecessary in order to unravel the essence.

Man at home

Massimo is from Ethiopia and lives as a homeless person for more than two and a half years in an Athenian neighborhood.


Dimitris Morakis in Chios, under the nickname “Paporias” is occupied with traditional shipbuilding for over forty years, since he was 12.


Living thousands of kilometers away from his beloved persons is the price Roy paid, in order to leave the war of Iraq behind him in search of a serene life towards the West.

Lyra-player of Nisyros

Dinos Papadelias devoted himself to lyra construction. He doesn’t sell his instruments. He offers them, as he believes that this is the only way the quality of his work can be preserved.

Tamis & Rokko

Tamis leads a solitary life in his old family home, in the southern part of the Ikaria Island, among arbutuses and cypresses.

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