Dimitris Morakis in Chios, under the nickname “Paporias” is occupied with traditional shipbuilding for over forty years, since he was 12.

Lyra-player of Nisyros

Dinos Papadelias devoted himself to lyra construction. He doesn’t sell his instruments. He offers them, as he believes that this is the only way the quality of his work can be preserved.

The midwife

Elda is a midwife who believes that birth can be a gentle and complete experience for women, with adequate preparation, attention and support.

Memory collector

Pandelis Karalis, primary school graduate of a grade 6, he collects for half a century the last memories of his birth-place’s wooden culture.

The weaver

In the Cretan villages situated on the base of the Asterousia Mountains, many young women and girls take up the yarn in their hands again and weave.

Greek coffee houses

The coffee house is the space where a man reports his presence in the men’s society. He goes to the coffee house to see and to be seen, to listen and to be heard.

Ouzo stories

The first pot still functioned in 1901 in D.Makri Street, at the old fish market, and it was placed inside the family shop.


With the help of Aris Lazaris, postcard collector, we travel through the world of the postal card, a world connecting the past to the present, the image to its recollection, the customs and traditions of a place to the stories written on the back.