image Digital Cultures – Warsaw: Caravan Project Presentation

Στο Festival International du Film d’Environnement, στο Παρίσι

The Festival’s purpose is to bring together films, audiovisual media and the environment. Its mission is to inform and raise public awareness of eco-citizenship in our eco-region through screenings, meetings, events and debates.
The selection of the films has been narrowed down over the last few years, with a broader focus on international productions and on new releases, documentaries, fiction and short films. The Festival also goes further from strictly environmental themes to address subjects more widely related to sustainable, supportive development. The programme now covers the following themes: nature conservation, the fight against hazards and pollution, reasoned management of resources, air quality, the greenhouse effect, transport, energy, quality in agriculture, health and the environment, the urban environment, quality of housing, employment, solidarity and fighting poverty, participatory democracy, governance, tradition and modernity, north-south, east-west relations, migratory movement and integration, evolution of the Earth, etc. Emboldened by its success, enriched by growing public interest in its themes and the support of players working in the environment, the film industry, audiovisual media and non-profit organisations, the Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a programme that is even richer, and more innovative than ever.

Τhe documentary film «blind fisherman» was participating to to the official selection of the festival.  The Caravan Project and the importance of personal stories in Greece were presented to the frech audience by Stratis Vogiatzis and Thekla Malamou.