The Caravan Project is non- profit organisation consisted by interdisciplinary team of filmmakers, architects, anthropologists, designers, economists and strategy planners that supports and promotes participatory arts practices through culture, informal education, social and solidarity-based economy methods based on citizen participation. Working with various disenfranchised communities and using storytelling and documentary filmmaking as tool for empowerment, we act for social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. We work with partners across Greece, Europe and the Mediterranean area. We are based In Athens, Greece.





Storytelling, photography, documentary and writing seminars compose an open educational action of co-creation inside the Caravan Project’s small yurt for the preservation of human stories, with the participants producing and collecting stories.

Programs for students

Two-hour programs for primary school, middle-school and high-school students inside the Caravan Project’s yurts, with creative activities, individual and collective, in order to familiarize pupils with the concept of narrative and with the value of human stories.

Community actions

In each visited area, the Caravan project’s yurts host actions of artistic, community and research nature, addressed to and creatively and actively implicating the local social or community groups.