image Caravan Project Collaborates with Oxfam Organisation image European Cultural Heritage Onstage, Balkan Artist Residence

We are Europe, Lyon France, Caravan project presentation

We are Europe is the association of 8 major European events joining forces to promote, create and produce innovative cultural practices, defined by creative diversity and exchanges.Our common project aims to develop a prospective vision of electronic culture, technology and entrepreneurship, while contributing to new social and political developments through an interdisciplinary approach.

  • It is a new generation of change-makers joining forces for independence and innovative cultural practices and contents.
  • We are Europe gathers and mobilizes the energy of eight events (both festivals & forums), supporting European culture, high artistic standards, cultural innovation and independence
  • c/o pop Festival + c/o pop Convention (Cologne – Germany)
  • Elevate – Music & Arts + Elevate – Political discourse & Activism (Graz – Austria)
  • Insomnia Festival + Movement + New Ideas (Tromsø – Norway)
  • Nuits sonores + European Lab forum (Lyon – France)
  • Unsound Festival (Krakow – Poland)
  • Reworks festival + Reworks forum (Thessaloniki -Greece)
  • Sónar + Sónar+D (Barcelona – Spain
  • TodaysArt + Bright Collisions (The Hague – Netherlands)

These 8 tandem festival-forums – vehicles for projects and ideas; major players in the fields of electronic, independent, digital and contemporary culture – are key components of the European cultural scene. They espouse the common values of cultural and social open-mindedness, artistic implacability, an unwavering commitment to youth, innovation and the emergence of new talent, and the mobility of audiences, ideas and artists. They have been working together for 3 years, co-curating and collaborating on the line-ups for festivals and forums, and thereby laying the foundations for a new community of cultural actors in Europe: open and progressive, motivated by the desire to inject our shared journey with fresh meaning, and to defend a positive image of Europe.

As part of our video series on the 64 Faces of We are Europe, we met Stratis Vogiatzis at European Lab, France last May.  Stratis Vogiatzis comes from Athens. Photographer, filmmaker and anthropologist, he is member of the amazing Caravan project. He travels around Greece focusing on personal stories, documenting and sharing individual existences, giving a voice to the voiceless.