image “Through the Lens of the Other”, Caravan project facilitation in Romania

Caravan Project in EsoDoc

Caravan Project has been invited to participate to the community of ESODOC that took place in Bolzano- Italy, Tromso-Norway, Vilnius, Lithuania and through a six months intensive  program, tutoring and workshops had the opportunity to develop many of its methodologies and practices around storytelling, co-creation processes, and empowerment techniques.

Co-creation offers alternatives to a single-author vision, and involves a constellation of media production methods, frameworks, and feedback systems. In co- creation, projects emerge from a process, and evolve from within communities and with people, rather than for or about them. Co- creation spans across and beyond disciplines and organizations, and can also involve non- human or beyond human systems. The concept of co-creation reframes the ethics of who creates, how, and why. Our research shows that co-creation interprets the world, and seeks to change it, through a lens of equity and justice.”

ESoDoc – European Social Documentary is the training initiative for media professionals who are eager to develop the potential of their documentary and new media project.  ESoDoc wants to strengthen the ability for innovative and audience-centered documentary and new media storytelling, so you can be a creative and active part in the evolving market dynamics and respond to its trends in ground-breaking, collaborative and interdisciplinary ways.   Today’s documentary market is fragmented in various platforms and formats, that you can enjoy ranging from an artistic interactive VR installation in a museum to the political feature-length documentary at the Tuschinski Theater during IDFA. And there are infinite possibilities between the two.  This mixed-up constellation of media formats and platforms must not be seen as a divided and competitive system of distributing projects, but as an ecosystem where diverse components can co-exist and work together to reach different audiences.