image Ta yurt του Caravan Project ως χώρος πραγματοποιημένης ουτοπίας

Άγονη Γραμμή

The Remote Areas in Greece may be isolated but they are definitely not to be forgotten since they are throbbing with stories and symbols revealing a rough and difficult way of life, yet at the same time, without pretense, without violating the rhythm of nature. We believe that in these forgotten corners of Greece, there lies an invaluable civilization based on simplicity and a true wisdom, which have a lot to reveal about the cultural identity of Greece.(photographs: Stratis Vogiatzis, Thekla Malamou, Μusic: Chrysanthos Christodolou)

Remote Areas (Agoni Grammi) Greece by Caravan Project from Another World Is Here on Vimeo.