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Caravan Project Collaborates with Oxfam Organisation

Caravan Project Collaborates with Oxfam Organisation to produce a video about positive initiatives working with refugees around the important values of solidarity, kindness, community sense and resilience at the island of Lesvos.

For Lena, a Greek native, the most important thing is to bring people together. That’s why she has opened “Nan Restaurant” with three other local women, a restaurant on the Greek island of Lesbos. She wants people “to create, to cook together, to share ideas, talents, recipes, tastes, aromas.” Her final goal? “To prove that they can coexist and create something new together.” “Nan” is not only a restaurant, but also a place where local Greeks and people from other places meet, cook together, share ideas for recipes, and prove that they can create something special with each other. “We are one family,” says Abdul, one of the chefs from Pakistan. Lena’s initiative is one of the many examples of Greek entrepreneurs in Lesbos, who – together with volunteers from all over Europe and with refugees – create and sustain a friendly, active and kind community. A community, which is a mosaic of diverse groups and individuals who work, learn and exchange, while getting to know and appreciate one another. Oxfam would like to thank the organizations which kindly contributed to the realization of this video.  



For more information about these initiatives, please visit:

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