Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis was born in Chios, Greece in 1978. He is a filmmaker, photographer and an anthropologist. He studied economic sciences in Aristotle Un. and Social Anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and Political violence in Palestine. He collaborated with Greek and international press, as photojournalist for many years, photographing and writing essays about social and cultural issues. He exhibits regularly in Greece and abroad and his works belong to museums and private collections. He has published five books with his work and he has directed several independent documentary films that have been  distinguished  in international film festivals. Furthermore as a trainer and facilitator he leads several participatory projects with disenfranchised communities employing storytelling and documentary filmmaking as an active way of engaging with the worlds.


Alexandra Saliba

Born in Athens in November of 1982. She studied audiovisual arts and culture at the University of the Aegean and subsequently obtained an MSc. degree in cultural management in the media school of the Panteion University of Athens. Being driven by a deep curiosity about people and their stories and a sincere desire to explore different worlds she started experimenting with documentary film, research and storytelling. Still a student she directed her first documentary themed on the tradition of bull sacrifice in the highland villages of the island of Lesvos. She has held various job posts in production companies, museums and public organisations (Anemon productions, Positive Ltd, Benakis museum, Greek Film Centre, Magicon, University of the Aegean) and has worked as a screenwriter, researcher and producer for documentary projects (‘Positive Action’ educational documentary, ‘Green Conversations’– documentary tv series). She started directing once more in 2010 (‘Opus 2’ – documentary short, ‘Sunday Lunch / Pranzo Della Domenica’, co-director with Paola Crescenzo, ‘Social conservatory / Notes’ co-director with Thekla Malamou, ‘Dinos’) and has dedicated her time to the ‘Caravan’ project since 2011.


Nancy Selenti

Nancy Selenti studied History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds an MA in Gallery Studies, with specialization in Museum Education, at the University of Essex, UK. She worked for a decade in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in the design and implementation of educational activities in archaeological museums and sites, as well as in the coordination of projects aiming at raising public awareness of heritage protection. Since 2002 she has been appointed as a language and history teacher at the secondary education. She has been trained in cross – cultural education and teaches in the Intercultural School of Athens. Moreover, she cooperates with the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation in the design of educational museum programs and teachers’ packs. Her scientific interests focus on history teaching and drama education as a means of achieving integration, cooperation and confidence in multicultural classes. She has contributed to conference proceedings, teachers’ museum packs and textbooks on Byzantine civilization.

Ιόλη 1

Ioli Andreadi

Ioli Andreadi is a theatre director who specialises in devising, adaptations of ancient drama and new writing. She trained at the Greek Art Theatre Drama School, studied Theatre Studies (University of Athens), Cultural Management (MA, Panteion University) and directing
(MA, RADA and King’s College London). She has received the 3rd Greek State Award for New Playwright 2005 and a Fulbright grant for Artists 2010/11 (New York Musical Theatre Festival). She has contributed to the leading Greek actress’s Katia Gerou’s book on acting “When the heartbeats change; Discussions on theatre with Ioli Andreadi” (2010). She is a founding member of the World Wide Lab, member of the Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab and holds a doctorate from King’s College as an Alexander S. Onassis Foundation grantee. She is currently a lecturer at the Visitors Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and a play she has written is about to open in Athens and Thessaloniki in the end of January 2015.


John Adrimis

John Adrimis born in Athens on 4 October of 1984. He graduated from the Drama School “New Hellenic Theatre” of Yiorgos Armenis in Athens, has worked as an actor in various theatrical, film and television productions and in 2010-11 he studied in the Academy of film and television “Act Multimedia” in Rome. He has directed short films and documentaries. In 2012-13 he lived in Istanbul and he worked at the Italian school «Marco Polo», he coordinated one artistic and creative workshop for children of kindergarten and primary school.


Maria Peteinaki

Architect, co-founder of ECUAL (ecological-collaborative, architecture, urban laboratory) and Atathens – Alternative Tours of Athens. She spends much of her time and energy with activism and the city, organizing urban cultural events, actions, participatory design workshops, neighborhood reactivation, localization, degrowth, and ecological policies.


Thekla Malamou

Thekla Malamou was born on 2th of January in 1978 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She graduated from the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of the Technological Educational Institute, of Athens. She has attended the following seminars: “Stigma” masterclass with Antoine D’Agata, (Re)Visions Masterclass with Vincent Dieutre and David Jimenez, “Looking from the apple tree down into the garden” masterclass with Anders Petersen, Portfolio Reviews 2010 (PhotoBiennale 2010/Greece), “On the Road” workshop with Nikos Economopoulos (Magnum), “Elements of History and Aesthetics” by P. Rivelis, “Artistic Photography” with K. Antoniadis and S. Paschou at the Photographic Centre, Skopelos.
She worked as a teacher and trainer in many photo centers and foundations. She has been working also as a freelance photographer in several assignments in countries such Israel, Turkey, Morroco, Cape Verde, Thailand and Sicily. She has taken part in in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad and she has directed several independent documentary films that distinguished and won awards in international film festivals. In 2011 she initiated with a team of artists and researchers the Caravan Project, a travelogue with a caravan around Greece with the intention to document and reveal inspiring personal stories.


Maria Daskalaki

Prof Maria Daskalaki

Professor of HRM and Organisation Studies, Head of HRM&OB Department, Southampton Business School, University of SouthamptonAfter she completed her PhD at the University of London, she has successfully published in academic journals, edited volumes and conference proceedings. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals (including ABS 4 *) such as Organization Studies, Journal of Applied and Behavioral Science, International Journal of HRM, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Journal of Management Inquiry and Culture and Organisation. She has also participated in organizing conferences, attracting submissions from the international academic and art communities. She is currently involved in interdisciplinary research on a wide range of themes and subject areas including urban social formations and embodied creativity, solidarity economy, alternative forms of organizing as well as autobiographical narratives, mobilities and identity. Besides the Caravan Project, her current research projects include: Storying our World and Stories on the Move


Katerina Apostoopoulou

Katerina Apostolopoulou was born on 12th of August in 1982, in Athens. She graduated from the department “Marketing & Communication”, in the Athens University of Economics and completed her master on “Cultural Management”, in the Panteion University. She has worked at the Communication Department of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival (2011-2012), member of the artistic company Ohi Pezoume (UrbanDig Project 2010-2013) and she has co-operated with several groups and organizations (Hellenic Childrens’ Museum, Oper(O), Future Library, Microscopico Teatro, Matriarchy etc). She was a communication and PR manager at Opus Integrated Communication (2012-2014), providing strategic communication for cultural projects and advertising promotions for trade brands (Perrier, Contrec, Holmes Place, Kayak Icecream etc). She participated in the “A” film project, the 1st movie funded by the crowd in Greece. She is a member of the “Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association”.


Φίλιππος Παπαφίλιππου

Ο Φίλιππος Παπαφίλιππου γεννήθηκε στην Αιθιοπία το 1963, σπούδασε οικονομική ανάπτυξη στο  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  Δούλεψε για τα Ηνωμένα Έθνη, κυρίως για την Ύπατη Αρμοστεία των Ηνωμένων Εθνών για τους Πρόσφυγες, συμβάλλοντας στον συντονισμό της ανθρωπιστικής βοήθειας σε χώρες σε κρίση, όπως στο Ιράκ, Βοσνία, Καμπότζη, Αλβανία, Κόσοβο, Κογκό και Μπουρούντι.  Μετά από 15 χρόνια σε ζώνες πολέμου με τον ΟΗΕ εργάστηκε στην χερσόνησο του Γιουκατάν στην Καραϊβική ακτή του Μεξικού, όπου εργάστηκε σαν σύμβουλος επιχειρήσεων και εκπαιδευτής καταδύσεων. Μιλάει επτά γλώσσες και έχει επιβλέψει την έκδοση και παραγωγή τριών βιβλιών επί προσφύγων ως Επικεφαλής προγραμμάτων με την Ύπατη Αρμοστεία του ΟΗΕ στην Αλβανία και το Κόσοβο( 1993-2003). Οι προσωπικές του προτιμήσεις καλλιτεχνικής έκφρασης είναι η φωτογραφία και το γράψιμο. Έχει δημοσιευσεί φωτογραφίες και έχει συγγράψει άρθρα για ανθρωπιστικά ζητήματα σε περιοδικά της Ευρώπης και της Αμερικής. Τη περίοδο αυτή εργάζεται με τους Γιατρούς χωρίς Σύνορα στη Δημοκρατία της Κεντρικής Αφρικής και εκτελεί χρέη συμβούλου στο Caravan Project.