Beauty will save the world – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Since 2011, we have been travelling around Greece, through the hardest milestone in the country’s modern history, documenting stories of extraordinary people and communicating them to the public. Our goal is to transfer the stories of simple, everyday people, since it’s these stories that form and define the course of each era. We gave the floor to people who otherwise wouldn’t be heard, shedding light on diversity and giving prominence to pluralism.
We have completed  one of the most unique and innovative cultural projects in Greece, and southern Europe the last decade: A travelogue around Greece for more than six year producing an archive of stories with more than 50 films, and numerous community projects. This travelogue is,  considered “One of the most positive cultural activities  in south Europe,” Kingston University  Routledge publications,2015. Whilst documenting stories, we toured the Caravan Project around Greece like a mobile ark of culture and like modern story-tellers of our times, through presentations and screenings, we communicated the stories we produce to the public, inaugurating at the same time a new kind of dialogue on the meaning and the dynamics that these stories release. In a society with a broken social tissue and stricken by poverty, unemployment and disappointment, we set out from our stories to discuss with people and to share experiences and feelings and we managed to jointly reach inspiration and creative resistance within ourselves.
Throughout our journey, we produced more than 50 documentaries, we photographed remote places of Greece, we filmed narratives and short stories of people we met on our journey and we wrote texts and articles about the course and the experience of our trek. At the same time, we presented our work in film festivals, schools, universities, cultural spaces and museums, in squares and villages, in penitentiary institutions and vulnerable social groups, in international forums, transferring the fiery energy of human stories and actualizing the Caravan Project’s vision for participation and interaction. We have produced numerous exhibitions, we published several books and  our films have been awarded and distinguished in international film festivals.