Stroggyla_xwris_kyklo3The Caravan Project’s “Story Lab” is an open educational action which invites to co-creation anyone who wishes to actively participate to the preservation of human stories. Of untold stories at risk of being lost which environ meanings and experiences that release dynamics-catalysts for the enlargement of our cultural space and coherent bonds.

Through a course of group classes, meetings and exercises with a group of teachers and artists from various cognitive fields, the participants will be familiarized with basic narrative techniques and media. Creative writing, live and autobiographical narration and the connection of photography with speech are key subjects of the classes.


The classes are mostly of an experiential nature and aim for the documentation and reconstitution of human narratives with speech and image.

The stories collected in the Story Lab will be uploaded to the Caravan Project’s living story archive, a multimedia cultural hearth dedicated to the diversity in the human constitution and to the reevaluation of narratives as veins of culture, memory and valuable knowledge.

The Story Lab is addressed to adults and will be functioning inside the Caravan Project’s small yurt, in each of the seven towns visited along its journey. The course lasts for seven days and is conducted on a daily basis. Following the end of the course and during the process of a story production, additional meetings with the creators of the Caravan Project will take place. All collected stories will gradually be incorporated in the multimedia exhibition inside the large yurt, as an organic part of the Caravan Project’s journey and experience.