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Food and storytelling,

Food carries an emotional memory. Certain aromas and flavors make an imprint in our minds and have the powerful ability to return us to a particular place, person or experience much more intensely than a visual or auditory reminde. FFood is a vital form of establishing, preserving and promoting cultural identities. Every gastronomic culture inhabits inside special meanings, memories, experiences, and stories. Fragmentary narratives unfold around a plate of food – like the primitive oral traditions-  while uniquely familiar spaces of expression and sharing are formed around the table. Food is the collective body of an ethnicity and its sharing is a gesture of communication and openness. With these thoughts, we invited people from different ethnicities in Thessaloniki to a large round table at the big yurt in order  to share stories and receipts. To explore through gastronomy the idiosyncratic beauty of each culture, to communicate personal and collective memories. Many of our stories not only contain lessons about how we nourish our bodies but also about where we come from and how we should treat one another. When you hold a strawberry in your hand or pull the husk from an ear of corn, knowing the stories that accompany these foods transforms them. They become more than an ingredient to measure and cook with for a specified amount of time. That strawberry becomes more than just a berry.  The event was attended by representatives from the Jewish, Pontian, Constantinople, Pakistani, Palestinian, Roma, Armenian and Syrian communities of Thessaloniki.