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Forest of gold

Giorgos Kalyvas is a farmer who didn’t grow a family but grew trees. He fell in love with his patrimonial land and now lives alone into the primeval forest of Skouries.

Startis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis | Thekla Malamou

Thekla Malamou

Alexandra Salimba | Thodoris Armaos | Stratis Vogiatzis

Thodoris Armaos

Chrisanthos Christodoulou

Alexandra Salimba | Chrisanthos Christodoulou

Thanassis Spiropoulos, Chrisanthos Christodoulou, Yannis Xristidis

In this ongoing crisis we all experience, we discuss economic indicators or we focus on the impact of the crisis on people, whereas we flagrantly disregard the environment, as if we owned its natural wealth, renouncing any responsibility for its protection. Through a devastating fire that broke out in August 2012, Chios’ residents experienced in the harshest way the nemesis, the outcome of man’s detachment from his land. In the following story the lead is not man, but the land which expresses its cry through the ashes.