image Participative documentary workshops with inmates, Ministry of Education

DocFest, documentary festival in Thessaloniki

Through a series of screenings in Thessaloniki  we sought to revive the art of storytelling,  break the exclusions and bring people together. Caravan project has produced more than 50 documentaries-stories travelling around Greece for more than six years. Our intention is these stories-film to function as vehicles of social change. In many occasions thes film the caravan project has produced were used by Ngos, groups of people, institutions in order to promote their social, environmental activities.

The Caravan Project is a travelogue in crisis-stricken Greece aiming at bringing people’s untold stories into the foreground while focusing on the richness and diversity of human narration. Employing a variety of media such as portrait photography, sound recording and powerful character-based short documentaries, The Caravan Project aims to diffuse everyday life stories suppressed by the established institutional discourses and bounded ‘realities’.  The project will include visual narratives (short documentaries), untold stories that deal creatively with resistance, people who continue to dream and celebrate diversity escaping the ordinary; people who are adventurous, subversive and disobedient. This is demonstrated through the performance of alternative lifestyle philosophies, different realities, emerging social values, innovative collectives and new forms of organizing.  

Organizing “Caravan DocFest” a small, nomadic documentary festival, we made over 400 documentary screenings. In the program of the films we included the documentaries that we had produced in our journey, the short stories from the archive, movies from Greek independent filmmakers as well as the films produced by the students and adults who participated in our educational activities. After the end of each screening, a discussion with the audience followed with our team members.